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Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4 might save your phone from breaking when dropped


The company behind the glass on pretty much every modern smartphone available has announced a new version of its Gorilla Glass product, which it claims is strengthened further against drops.

Corning tends to release new versions of Gorilla Glass every year; in 2013, Gorilla Glass 3 featured “native damage resistance” that meant it was better against things like keys in your pocket.


It claims that after scientists studied hundreds of shattered screens, the company developed Gorilla Glass 4 to be two times tougher than its competitors and to survive 80 percent of drops.

Corning touts that 40 manufacturers use its Gorilla Glass product in over 1395 devices on the market, which includes the iPhone (despite Apple’s attempts to shift to sapphire screens).

It’ll be a while until we see the new Gorilla Glass in mobile phones, but its nice to know that they might survive drops a little better in the future.

Corning Redefines the Standard in Damage Resistance With Gorilla Glass 4

Published November 21, 2014 — 05:02 UTC