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Fitbit launches 3 new activity trackers: the Charge, Charge HR and Surge


Fitbit has today lifted the wraps on three new activity and sleep tracking devices, all of which offer slightly different features depending on the intended use.

The cheapest of the new trackers – and the only one available in the US from today – is the Fitbit Charge, a $130 device that allows you to track your everyday activity (steps, distance travelled, calories burned etc.) as well as see incoming call alerts. It’ll also allow for the manual logging of other workouts and users can view summaries on their Fitbit dashboard. Claimed battery life is up to seven days, and the company said it’s water-resistant too.

The Charge HR offers pretty much the same set of features, but is designed for more active users who want more accurate tracking. As such, it includes a heart rate tracker to give you a better idea of heart rate trends (resting rate, peak rate etc.) alongside the rest of your workout data. The Fitbit Charge HR will be available in the US in early 2015 in black and plum for a few cents less than $150. Blue and tangerine colors will follow along after.

The final and most expensive of the three new devices is the Fitbit Surge, which includes all the features of the previous two plus a GPS chip for collecting stats like pace, distance, elevation, route history and more. It can also record multi-sport activities and is more of a ‘smartwatch’ than straight activity tracker; it allows you to see incoming calls, messages and control music playback straight from your wrist. Battery life is, again, said to be seven days. The black version of the Surge will be available in “early 2015” for $250, with other colors to follow later.

While the Fitbit Force was recalled back in February due to some users developing a rash, the company said (after an investigation) that the likely cause was allergic contact dermatitis, rather than anything to do with the materials used. No doubt, these new products will have gone through extensive testing to make sure the same problems don’t arise again.

➤ Fibit Charge, Charge HR & Surge: Welcome to a Whole New World of Fitness [Fitbit]

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Published October 27, 2014 — 14:34 UTC