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Philips is the first TV manufacturer to support Spotify Connect music streaming


TPVision, a subsidiary of Philips, has announced that it will be the first television manufacturer to support streaming music via Spotify Connect to a Philips TV.

8109_Spotify_small2Announced today ahead of the start of the IFA trade show in Berlin next week, the integration will allow users to ‘cast’ music from the smartphone or tablet apps – and even continue doing other things on the device while the music plays on – to Android-based Philips Smart TVs.

We’re not sure exactly how many people sit down and listen to music via their TVs – a stereo is certainly a more traditional instrument for the job – but adding yet another way for paying subscribers to access music across a range of different devices can only help strengthen the appeal of the platform. The company said the new integration would arrive sometime next month.

➤ Philips TVs powered by Android™ are the first Smart TVs to feature Spotify Connect for seamless music entertainment at home [TPVision via Pocket-Lint]

Image Credit: Getty Images

Published August 27, 2014 — 11:28 UTC