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Myo integrates its gesture-tracking armband with Google Glass and other smartglasses


Thalmic Labs has added support for smartglasses to its Myo gesture control armband. Supported headsets include Google Glass, Recon Jet and Epson Moverio.

While wearing a heads-up display and an armband might seem inconvenient, the integration is intended for workplace environments like construction, healthcare, bike messengers and field service. The idea is that Myo can help in situations where you wouldn’t want a device in your hands.

Initial partnerships include: Augmedix, a Google Glass app for physicians; APX Labs, an app for field workers at sites like wind mills and oil refineries; and Closeout by Bridgit, software for managing construction progress.

The Myo armband costs $149 and is scheduled to ship to consumers this fall.

Published August 19, 2014 — 13:00 UTC

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