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Misfit snuggles up to Beddit to release a sleep monitor that you keep under your sheets

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Wearable maker Misfit and sleep sensor company Beddit have partnered up to release the $149 Misfit Beddit Sleep System, a thin sensor that you place on your bed to collect data about your sleeping habits.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.00.56 AM

Misfit’s Shine activity tracker already offers sleep tracking capabilities, but Beddit’s hardware avoids the complication of having to wear a device while you snooze. Instead, you slide the sensor under your sheets so it lies underneath your body. Beddit then connects to your phone and the Misfit app to transmit data.

Beddit collects information about your heart rate, respiration, snoring, sleep cycles and sleep time using a technique called ballistocardiography (BCG). Like other devices, Beddit also includes a smart alarm feature that wakes you up at just the right time.

Beddit Sleep Monitor

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Published July 10, 2014 — 17:02 UTC