Jawbone’s Mini Jambox Bluetooth speaker updated to offer multi-play with other Minis


Jawbone has released a free firmware update for its Mini Jambox Bluetooth speakers that enables them to connect to other Mini Jambox devices, among other new features.

Announced and available to download today (although the link appears to be down at the time of writing), the update allows users to wirelessly connect two units together to either double the volume, or to separate the left and right channel audio for perfectly balanced playback. As there’s a second speaker added into the mix, the set-up also allows for playback to be controlled by an additional smartphone app too, so you can take turns controlling the music with friends.

The other notable feature update is the addition of Jawbone’s LiveAudio technology, which “enables a three-dimensional listening experience from just one Mini Jambox speaker”, the company said.

Jawbone’s Mini Jambox Gets Social With Multi Play [Press release]

Published May 13, 2014 — 14:56 UTC