Beat Farm crowdfunds the Jalapeño Beat Maker to remix music in real-time for action sports fans

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When I’m skateboarding alone, I love putting on some music and escaping into my own personal bubble. Sometimes I try to match whatever trick I’m performing with the BPM of the track, as there’s no better feeling than landing something new just as the bassline drops in your head.

Beat Farm wants to capitalize on this idea with the Jalapeño Beat Maker, a tiny plastic clip that remixes the music as you ride. The device, which the firm hopes to fund with a Kickstarter campaign, isn’t just for skateboarders either. It can be attached to your snowboard, BMX, or belt buckle – any action sport where you can move your body and listen to music at the same time.

Tracks can be edited in a few different ways. Rotating on the spot will slow the track down, while cruising to the left or right will cause different instruments to come through in the left and right channels. When you jump into the air, the next part of the song kicks in as soon as you touch the ground.

The Jalapeño Beat Maker syncs with the Beat Farm Android or iOS app, which will offer a library of compatible tracks to listen to. The company says the device will work with your personal music library too, although the feature – called One Track Mode – is still in an early beta stage.

You’ll need to pledge at least $199 to get your mitts on an Jalapeño Beat Maker. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, Beat Farm expects to ship the first batch to backers in October this year.

Jalapeño Beat Maker [Kickstarter]

Published January 8, 2014 — 15:13 UTC