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Newcomer OnePlus aims to disrupt the smartphone industry with ‘truly outstanding’ devices


Pete Lau, formerly a VP with electronics firm Oppo, has branched out on his own after unveiling OnePlus, an ambitious new company aiming to produce “truly outstanding” smartphones while using an Internet-based distribution model.


Lau, who previously led Oppo’s BlueRay division, left his employer earlier this month amid rumors that he will work with Cyanogen (an Oppo partner) on a new Android device. Lau’s initial comments, in a Google+ update, are light on specific details, other than his realization that the challenge of building a brand from scratch is not an easy one — but he revealed more in interviews.

“We will create a more beautiful and higher quality product,” Lau told The Verge. “A lot of the phones on the market aren’t perfect enough. This is where our chance lies.”

The first OnePlus device is due in the first half of 2014, and the company may move into wearable devices later, Lau says.

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Published December 17, 2013 — 04:39 UTC