You can now add credit to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet using PayPal on the PlayStation 3



If you’re a PayPal devotee, you’ll be pleased to hear that as of today you can begin adding credit to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet using the digital payment service on a PlayStation 3.

It’s been possible to transfer money between PayPal and Sony’s cross-platform digital marketplace since January, but only from the Web. The option was nice, although a little long-winded for gamers who just wanted to download Journey or the next episode of The Walking Dead.

Now, as you’re checking out from the cart on the PlayStation Store, you’ll see a PayPal option every time you hit the ‘Add Funds’ option. Credit transfers range between $5 and $150, which is more than enough for a handful of digital titles.

➤ PayPal Support Added to PS3 PlayStation Store (Engadget)

Published November 1, 2013 — 16:27 UTC