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thingCHARGER transforms any US outlet into a clutter-free charging station with multiple adapters

Messy wires

A lack of power outlets, messy wires and multiple kinds of charging accessories — the woes of charging multiple devices at once present a headache that is familiar to many.

In steps thingCHARGER, a new charging solution that transforms any regular US power outlet into a charging station for up to three devices.

All you need to do is plug in the thingCHARGER into any US outlet. Basically the thingCHARGER replaces the outlet entirely — so you get to keep both power points free and by mounting your smartphone, tablet or e-reader directly on top, you also get to charge your device.

As each charger comes with several interchangeable charging tips, it can handle almost any device — the team behind the charger says it is compatible with a staggering one billion smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.


What’s even more impressive: if you have different devices, you can either stack two or three thingCHARGERs together to charge your things at once, or switch the charging tips (which are stored in the back of your thingCHARGER).

Each thingCHARGER also comes with two USB ports hidden beneath it, just in case you can’t do without your wires.

The patent-pending thingCHARGER was launched early this month by Seymour Segnit and his wife Amy. They subsequently brought it to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, where it has now raised $45,770 with 15 days left — already exceeding the goal of $25,000.

The husband-and-wife team is planning to develop thingCHARGER for the UK, Europe and “other markets” once the US design starts shipping. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, head to thingCHARGER’s Indiegogo page — one charger costs $29 but there are promotions for buying more.

In the meantime, here’s a video of how the nifty thingCHARGER works.

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Published October 31, 2013 — 10:10 UTC