Nvidia Shield Android 4.3 update lets you play thousands more games, and beam them to your TV too


A software update for Nvidia’s Shield handheld gaming system now provides users with the more recent Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS, increasing support for the number of Android games that can run on the system by “thousands”, Nvidia said.

In addition to broadening the number of games that will run on the device, the update also introduces Console Mode, which allows users to play games on a big-screen TV, simply by pairing up a Bluetooth controller. Nvidia GameStream is also Console Mode-ready, so you’ll be able to stream your PC games to a TV too. Console Mode has been optimized to work with Nyko’s PlayPad Pro wireless Bluetooth controller.

The update also brings a new Gamepad Mapper mode to allow users to map touchscreen controls for games to their gamepads, as well as restricted profiles, expandable and actionable notifications, and the option to move select game and app files to SD cards, thereby freeing up more storage space on the Shield itself.

➤ Massive SHIELD Update Unlocks Support for Thousands More Android Games [Nvidia]

Featured Image Credit – Ben Wood




Published October 28, 2013 — 13:46 UTC