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Fitbit Force is a sleek fitness and sleep tracking wristband with incoming call alerts


Fitbit unveiled the latest addition to its line of fitness wearables today, the Fitbit Force, which comes with a $129.95 sticker price and will be available to order later today at

It’s a refinement of the Fitbit Flex, replacing its predecessor’s line of tiny LED lights with a more advanced OLED display. This provides real-time information on the steps that you’ve taken, distance covered and calories burned, as well as active minutes and the number of floors climbed.

The Fitbit Force also monitors the quality of your sleep and can wake you up with a ‘silent alarm’ that relies on vibration, rather than ear-splitting audio. Taking a page from recent smartwatches such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear, it can even offer notifications for incoming calls.

Published October 10, 2013 — 13:57 UTC