Don’t fancy a smartwatch? ION’s sub-$100 smartglasses might be for you


Wearable tech is becoming increasingly popular, whether that’s high-profile yet to be released items like Google Glass or the plethora of smartwatches currently being funded by crowdsourcing. Either way, we haven’t seen too many smartglasses take off yet.

ION Glasses is looking set to change that by striving for a $150,000 target over the next 48 days. Unlike Google Glass, however, the Ion Glasses look more of a companion device for your iOS or Android handset and (via a Bluetooth connection) provide the ability to do things like operate the device remotely (to take a photo, for example), see notifications, find your phone and more.


At the time of writing, the total pledged stands at around $10,500. However, unlike some other projects, if you choose to back the Ion Glasses at $79 or above, you’ll be sure to receive them in February next year whether or not the project reaches its goal, Santiago Ambit and Ricardo Urias, co-founders of ION Glasses say. Will that be before Google Glass goes on sale to the public? Who knows…

Ion Glasses. First optical and sun glasses that interact with your devices [Indigogo]

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock

Published September 30, 2013 — 12:05 UTC