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ParaShoot takes its wearable HD device to Indiegogo after Kickstarter campaign is suspended


The team behind ParaShoot, a wearable photo and video device, has switched its efforts to raise funding over to Indiegogo after its Kickstarter project was abruptly suspended with two weeks of campaigning left.

The news is a huge blow for ParaShoot, which had easily surpassed its $30,000 goal after raising $117,358. That Kickstarter campaign was meant to be second-time lucky for the team, after it failed to hit a lofty $260,000 target months earlier.

Now, it starts again, hoping that third time’s the charm.

To recap, the ParaShoot is a Go Pro-style wearable gadget that records HD video and snaps HD photos on the fly. It comes with clips and mounts, and is aimed at making life’s important moments instantly recordable, without a rush for a phone or camera.


ParaShoot co-founder Matt Sandy tells TNW that the company got no warning of its suspension from Kickstarter, and it isn’t clear why action has been taken against:

They [Kickstarter] were very positive about our project the week before when we [first] contacted them. [There was] no warning at all about their action.

The cut-off means ParaShoot has no way of contacting the 751 backers who pledged money towards its latest campaign, although they are likely aware of the situation since Kickstarter emailed all backers on Friday to inform them of the project’s suspension. All money pledged on Kickstarter will be returned in full.

The Indiegogo campaign — playfully dubbed ‘ParaShoot 2.1’ — is seeking the same figure of $117,358 that had been raised in the second Kickstarter campaign. It uses the same pricing but with more features on offer for prospective owners.

Early backers can get a device for $149, a big discount on the future consumer price of $269, while two are up for grabs for $290. The ParaShoot 2.1 is set to ship from December 2013, with a $15 surcharge for overseas delivery.

We contacted Kickstarter for further details about ParaShoot’s suspension.

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Images via ParaShoot

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Published September 16, 2013 — 06:59 UTC