Asus readies Padfone Infinity smartphone and tablet combo for launch on September 17

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PadfoneInfinityAsus is preparing to launch the Padfone Infinity, the latest in its series of smartphone and tablet combo devices, on September 17, according to its teaser site.

The ‘Padfone The Future’ page shows a countdown timer working its way towards the launch next Tuesday and also has a short teaser video showing the smartphone section blasting off out of its tablet dock.

Details of the device are thin on the ground, although rumors have previously suggested it would get an upgraded processor (which seems the norm for upgrading most devices) and a microSD expansion slot. Either way, we’ll have all the details next Tuesday.

Asus Padfone The Future (via Engadget)

Featured Image Credit – Getty Images

Published September 11, 2013 — 16:48 UTC