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Sony takes on Apple TV with PS Vita TV: A tiny console for playing games, music, TV and films

vita tv

vita tv

Sony has made its third announcement at the SCEJA Press Conference, and it’s arguably the most significant of the day.

The company has unveiled PlayStation Vita TV: a 6cm x 10cm gadget that connects to a TV to let users play Vita and PSP games, and access a broad range of entertainment services — including Hulu, and Sony’s own Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited.

The device is launching in Japan on November 14 for 9,480 yen, that’s around $99. It will also be available with a controller (it connects to standard PS controllers) and storage card for 14,995 yen, which is approximately $150.

As of yet, there’s no word on whether it will make it out overseas, and at what cost. Assuming it does launch globally — it will be a competitor to Apple TV, since it’s an interestingly affordable device that could serve as a point of entry to brings new users into the PlayStation ecosystem.

➤ Press release [Japanese]

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Published September 9, 2013 — 08:24 UTC

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