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Motorola’s custom color tool for the Moto X is live. Here are 10 of our favorite combinations.


Motorola today opened up its Moto Maker design process for its flagship Moto X smartphone on AT&T. The device has turned out to be a solid smartphone, and its most differentiating feature is the ability to hand-pick from a swath of colors and other features.

With 18 back colors, 7 accents, and 2 front panels to choose from, there are hundreds of choices available, though sadly you won’t get yo choose your carrier since the color options are an AT&T exclusive for now. Also, the engraving feature won’t be available at launch because of quality issues.

Customers can either place an order in-store and then design the device online, or complete the whole process using the Moto Maker Web tool. If you only want the standard black and white versions of the Moto X, AT&T will have those on hand at retail locations. If you’re not willing to go with AT&T, you can wait for Verizon to begin selling the black and white versions on August 29th. Motorola also says it will begin direct sales of an unsubsidized version of the Moto X for $579 later today.

To learn more about the Moto X ordering process, take a look at my hands on with the Moto Maker piece. After poking around with the tool, we came up with the following 10 combinations:

Construction Zone


Back: Cement
Accent: Orange
Front: Black

This phone means business. Cement and black keep things professional, but splashes of orange add some personality.

Blue Steel


Back: Navy Blue
Accent: Silver
Front: White

Now you can look as sleek as a Navy SEAL without all the grueling physical training. So hot right now.

Il Vino

Back: Cabernet
Accent: Purple
Front: White

Perfect for oneophiles who have always wanted a nice wine pairing for their smartphones. Chardonnay in the front, cabernet in the back.



Back: Spearmint
Accent: Red
Front: Black

This combo will keep you feeling minty fresh all day long. The bright green back makes a fun statement without going overboard.


Back: Raspberry
Accent: Yellow
Front: White

This raspberry lemon sorbet-inspired scheme feels positively lickable, but you should never, ever lick your phone. At least not in public.


Back: Woven black
Accent: Red
Front: Black

This combo is a stealthy, stone-cold killer. Sure, true ninjas might go with all black to remain undetected, but why go to the trouble of custom-picking your phone colors if you’re not going to pick an actual color? If it helps, imagine the red accents are the bloodstains of slain enemies from a rival clan.


Back: Lemon lime
Accent: Yellow
Front: Black

There are lots of reasons to go with a nice yellow and black combo – perhaps you have a deep love for Transformers, the Steelers or apiculture. Just keep in mind this is lemon-lime, so it’s going to show up with more of a green tinge than the screenshot shows.


Back: Olive
Accent: Orange
Front: Black

Admittedly, some of the combinations on this list are a tad loud for everyday use. This olive/orange piece keeps things classy while also reminding me of a tasty tapas dish. Now where did I put that Spanish ham?

The Patriot


Back: Cherry
Accent: Blue
Front: White

Since the Moto X is manufactured in America, you show off your patriotic side with the old red, white and blue. It’s a touch garish, but…’MURICA.


Back: Mint
Accent: Yellow
Front: White

I ended up choosing this combination when ordering a Moto X because I liked how yummy it looked. It’s a softer look than I would normally prefer for a phone, but it struck a balance between having fun with the color choices and still being muted enough for everyday use.

Published August 27, 2013 — 19:55 UTC