Turn your smartphone into a microscope for just $15 with Micro Phone Lens


If you’ve ever wanted to take extremely close-up pictures using nothing more than your smartphone, help is at hand if you’re happy to shell out $15 on the Micro Phone Lens.

Started as a Kickstarter project just a few days ago, the Micro Phone Lens has already blown through its goal of $5,000 and is currently sat at just over $27,000 with 15 days left to go. Delivery is expected in October this year.

The soft plastic lens simply clips on over the top of the one on your smartphone (phones with cameras of 5-megapixels and higher are recommended) to provide microscopic levels of detail and is then just as easily removed when you’re finished using it. It can also be cleaned using a drop of regular ol’ soap and water. Check out the video below for some good examples of just how detailed the images are.

➤ Micro Phone Lens (Kickstarter)

Via PopPhoto

Featured Image Credit – AFP/Getty Images

Published August 26, 2013 — 16:40 UTC