Samsung’s flip screen Android smartphone gets official, but there’s no mention of a UK or US release

Samsung OLED

Sometimes rumors turn out to be nothing but meandering pathways leading away from the truth and sometimes they turn out to be bang on the money. In this case, it seems to be the latter: Samsung is going to release a dual-screen flip phone powered by Android 4.1 reportedly codenamed ‘Hennessey’.

Spotted by Pocket-Lint, the SCH-W789 (to use it’s official name), has dual 3.3-inch (320 x 480 pixel) displays, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a 5-megapixel camera on the rear and 1GB of RAM to keep it all chugging along nicely. There’s also support for CDMA and GSM bands, but strangely there seems to be little-to-no internal storage at all. Instead it’s provided via a microSD slot.

If the thought of having two displays fills you with joy, don’t get too excited unless you’re based in China as there’s no indication that the phone will make it beyond the Far East. Naturally, we’ve asked Samsung for confirmation and will let you know.




Featured Image Credit – Getty Images

Published August 14, 2013 — 08:49 UTC