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ParaShoot is a wearable HD video device that takes lifelogging beyond snapping photos

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Wearable computing is developing into a key focus for the next-generation of gadget lovers, and the ranks could soon include ParaShoot, a device that aims to make capturing your life in HD video as easy as wearing a pendant. Oh, and at less than $300 to boot.

The tiny (48 x 30 x 11 mm) recording unit is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter with the aim of making life’s important moments instantly recordable, without the need to rush for a phone or camera.

Like Memoto — a successful Kickstarter project in its own right — which clips on to clothing, ParaShoot is wearable thanks to a neck strap (housing its battery) which lets it hang like jewellery or a lanyard. Memoto is image only, but ParaShoot snaps photos (the camera is removable) and records 720 HD video, which can be set to record at automatic intervals — such as five minutes every half an hour.


Co-founders Matt Sandy and Colin Glaum (collectively one half of the four man team) say it will support “all smartphone platforms”, but it can also operate standalone.

Images and video footage taken on the ParaShoot are automatically stored on its cloud-based service, which will come at a to-be-disclosed monthly cost for ‘unlimited’ storage. The ParaShoot also houses micro-SD cards, for those who prefer their memory physical.

An accompanying app turns paired smartphones into remote controls and viewfinders, and enables content to be shared via email or posted to YouTube and Facebook on the fly.


The project is targeting $260,000 in fundraising in order to cover the cost of its first set of ParaShoots. It has just passed $18,000 and has a further 38 days in which to raise that figure.

The team says that the device will ordinarily cost $269, but early backers can get it — and a bundle of other goodies — for $149 (international delivery costs not included). The first shipment of 500 are slated for delivery in October 2013.

Those with less patience can pay $500 to test pre-production models, which are due to ship in September.

More details on this cool gadget are in the video. Full details at the Kickstarter page here.

Headline image via ParaShoot

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Published June 15, 2013 — 16:57 UTC