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Fitbit looks beyond the clip with new Flex activity and sleep wristband, coming Spring 2013 for $99.95

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Not wanting to be left out by Nike’s Fuelband, Jawbone’s UP and an increasing number of fitness tracking accessories, Fitbit has updated its activity and sleep tracking product range with the launch of the Fitbit Flex, a new wristband aimed at those that often forget or lose their Fitbit One clip.

Fitbit says that it is the first and only wristband to offer Bluetooth 4.0 synchronisation, which means it will transfer data to and from a compatible smartphone and tablet, similar to its clip products. The company hopes that the wristband will “accelerate the category growth by becoming the first and only brand to offer a clip and wristband tracker option.”

The company has already opened preorders, at $99.95, with deliveries expected to begin in Spring 2013.

The Fitbit Flex (like its predecessors) tracks steps taken, distances and calories burned, utilising LED indicators to provide feedback and update you on your progress.

Of course, Fitbit will allow you to tie your Flex data with a number of additional apps, including Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal, helping to combine running and dieting data into your Fitbit dashboard.

As well as today’s announcement, Fitbit will also become the first fitness tracking service to offer Bluetooth 4.0 syncing capabilities on select Android devices, which it says will roll out to Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II (and other compatible devices) in late in January/early February.

If you were looking to grab yourself a FuelBand but love Fitbit’s platforms, this might be the perfect accessory for you.


Published January 7, 2013 — 14:48 UTC