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Telefonica Digital launches Drive to Improve: A Nike Fuelband for your car


With personal fitness devices like Nike’s Fuelband and the Fitbit gaining traction, Telefonica has taken the concept and applied that to vehicles, launching its new Drive to Improve solution which encourages “smarter, better and safer driving” in the UK.

Drive to Improve — which launches in beta today — involves a combination of a mobile application and telematics device that is fixed to your car. The technology monitors your speed, acceleration, braking and driving distances, breaking it down to be viewed on either an iPhone or Android device.

Stats can also be accessed via the Drive to Improve website.


That data can also be used to provide insights into your driving style, offering tips to improve fuel consumption and encourage safer driving, all the while comparing your statistics with other users on a community leaderboard. Telefonica says that the “gamification effect aims to create a community around safer and better driving.”

In turn, this could lead to savings on car insurance, reduce car-related bills and reduction in CO2 emissions.

At the moment, sign-ups are limited, with Telefonica providing 1000 free telematics devices to people joining its beta programme. Telefonica says its service is part of its strategy to “capitalise on opportunities in the digital world.”

Having someone install a telematics device in your car might not your idea of fun, but if you like a challenge and feel that you could improve your driving style, this concept may prove to be a fun and efficient solution.

If it does appeal, get in quick. Those 1000 slots won’t be around for long. You can sign up using the link below.

Drive to Improve


[Image Credit: epsos]


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Published September 10, 2012 — 12:09 UTC

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