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Kickstarter project Everpurse wants to bring wireless phone charging to a purse near you


Here’s a Kickstarter campaign that women, their significant others, and anyone else who carries a purse or similar bag, will certainly want to get behind: the Everpurse. The problem is a frequent one: smartphone battery issues. The solution is a creative one: charging on the go, without wires, bulky batteries, or special cases.

The range of backing options for the campaign, which officially launches on Monday, is quite big: anywhere from $1 to $10,000. The final goal for this project is a whopping $100,000 (by October 13).

My first question upon seeing the product video was whether any phone modification was required. “The answer is no,” Dan Salcedo, one of the creators of Everpurse, told The Next Web. “No modifications or extra cases or anything is needed on the phone. You can take any standard iPhone and drop it in, it will begin charging instantly.”

I pounced on the word “iPhone.” What does that mean exactly? Apparently it refers to the latest version, and its predecessor: the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. Well that’s decent, but what about other phones?

“We will be announcing final line-up of phones throughout the Kickstarter campaign,” Salcedo elaborated to me. “We are still making final decisions based on top selling phones in several categories.”

In other words, you can expect popular phones to get the green light, but you shouldn’t assume your phone is supported for sure until it’s announced. As such, I don’t recommend you buy in unless Everpurse has specifically said your phone is a go.

With that warning aside, I think Everpurse is a brilliant idea. While I’m sure one day smartphones will last weeks on one charge, much like Kindles do, that day is nowhere near, for a multitude of unfortunate reasons. This is a temporary solution to a bigger problem, which, thankfully for Everpurse, will be around for quite some time.

I must say I’m tempted to get this for my girlfriend, who, unlike me, doesn’t have a smartphone. Do you think she’ll be okay with carrying around an Everpurse when we go out?

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Published September 10, 2012 — 06:30 UTC