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Spotify collaborates with Marantz and Denon to give you more ways to stream music around your home


Spotify has teamed up with audio specialists Marantz and Denon to offer new ways of streaming music around your living room.

After downloading a small firmware update, Spotify users with a premium subscription can access their vast library of music with either a Marantz SR7007, SR6007, SR5007 or NR1603, as well as a Denon AV R-2113, AVR-3313 or AVR-2313.

Music can be selected by Denon owners using the device’s graphical user interface, or with the Denon Remote App, available on both Android and iOS.

Spotify offered similar integration with Western Digital (WD) last October, when it announced new compatibility with the WD TV media player.

More recently the music streaming service was also updated for Boxee, a popular set top box which allows consumers to view movies, TV shows, photos and music directly from the internet to your TV. The Spotify app on Boxee now supports not only unlimited music streaming, but also many of the social features implemented since Spotify’s collaboration with Facebook.

All of Spotify’s new hardware developments require a Premium subscription though, adding a little extra incentive for users to upgrade to the company’s top streaming package.

It probably won’t be enough to make most users switch from their Free account, unless they own and regularly use one of the mentioned devices, but nevertheless it’s a crucial step for Spotify, which no doubt wants its music streaming service to be available on any and all devices.

Image credit: BeauGiles

Published September 5, 2012 — 13:24 UTC