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TNW Review: The LapDawg O-Stand is the most adaptable gadget stand you’ll ever use


When you read or hear the name, the LapDawg O-Stand kind-of sounds like something you would find in a adult store, but, in reality, it happens to be one of the most interesting gadget stands I have ever had the pleasure of coming across.

The O-Stand is marketed as “the most versatile iPad stand on the market.” Working with iPad models, Google’s Nexus 7, Kindle, or any other 7-inch or 10-inch tablet devices, the adaptable ‘flexy’ legs, coupled with the rotatable ball on the back of the stand, reduces strain on your neck, your back and your arms, taking all of the weight.

If you are a photographer or videographer that has experience with a Gorillapod, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of how the O-Stand operates. Existing to hold your smartphone, e-reader or tablet in its grips, the O-Stand can literally be positioned in any way possible – sitting pretty on your lap, tightly hugging the armrest of your sofa or used to hang your iPad from a curtain rail.

The O-Stand comes in a fairly small box, a feat that is achieved by folding its bendy legs up ready for you to position them. Everything is already connected, so all you need to do is clip the plastic holder to the stand, making it ready to hold your gadgets.

Setting it up is simple too.

Say you want to play with your iPad in bed. First, you fix the iPad to the holder, locking the plastic clip in place to tighten the grips around your $400+ device. Next, you simply bend and manipulate the legs to create a sturdy yet comfortable position that fixes the iPad directly in front of you.

Once you’re happy with the layout, you can use the Allen key supplied to fix the legs into position, ensuring that they don’t swing out or move when you pick it up once you’re done.

The O-Stand isn’t heavy, but it has some tangible weight which keeps it securely fastened. The central ball, which houses the four nuts you use to tighten the legs, takes up nearly all of its total mass, but at no time is it uncomfortable to use.

In one day, the O-Stand allowed me to use my iPad as a secondary monitor and deliver real-time Twitter updates. It was fixed to the armrest of the sofa which allowed me to tweet and use my tablet as a second-screen device. Later in the day, I extended its legs to their fullest and the iPad became a display to show a photo slideshow to visiting family.

Desktop stands are constrained by limited positions that your tablet can be fixed into. With the O-Stand, however, there are almost no limitations and you can use it with other devices that fit into the holder.

LapDawg says  it’s the “Swiss Army knife of iPad stands’ — honestly, that’s pretty accurate. Even when you’ve used it for a while, you’ll still be surprised by what you can do with it and where you can fix it.

If there was one potential drawback to the O-Stand, it would be the price. At $79 (ships internationally), this isn’t a cheap stand. However, if you find yourself using your gadgets at breakfast, need it to test things whilst you work or prefer to have something take the strain of your arms and wrists when you’re sitting or laying down, it’s definitely worth the investment.

LapDawg O-Stand

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Published September 2, 2012 — 19:43 UTC