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Video demo of the new Asus tablet shows off Windows RT and some damn sexy hardware


Earlier today, TNW brought you a short roundup of the most recent Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices that are freshly announced. One of those devices, the Asus Vivo Tab RT, a Windows RT tablet, has a video up now showing off its every angle.

Now, we’re not going to bring you more than a very occasional video of this sort, but since Windows RT and the next generation of tablets running the new Microsoft code are still relative unknowns, some content of this variety is worthwhile.

Things to look out for: Office 2013’s icons along the bottom of the screen when in ‘Desktop mode,’ and the lack of lag in the operating systems response. The Office icons matter as they are the only apps, along with Internet Explorer if I recall properly, that will run in desktop mode in Windows RT. The lack of lag is important as the Vivo Tab RT has the power of modern smartphone, essentially.

Check the clip, and try to ignore the fact that it’s filled with PR drivel:

Here’s the real kicker: if the Surface didn’t exist, I suspect that the above tablet, along with the coming Samsung Series 5 device would be big, big stories. However, standing in the shadow of Microsoft’s own tablet project, the Vivo RT simply looks like a strong contender.

As pricing for Windows RT-based tablets remains a guessing game, which device will be the runaway hit – of the Windows 8 hardware ecosystem – is unclear. However, the Surface retains its mindlead, I would say.

Still, it’s still months until Windows 8 goes live, making these devices early salvos. Much can still change.

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Published August 29, 2012 — 20:10 UTC