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One Laptop per Child is working on hybrid tablet/computer device, scheduled for early 2013 launch

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One Laptop per Child (OLPC) will launch a new device known as ‘XO-4 Touch,’ the non-profit organization confirmed today. As you may remember, OLPC’s mission is to make affordable laptops accessible to children all around the world.

According to OLPC, the XO-4 Touch will be part laptop, part tablet; as a matter of fact, it will come equipped with a sunlight-resisting, energy-efficient touch screen manufactured by Neonode and run on a Marvell ARMADA 2128 processor.

A hybrid device is the best option for OLPC, its CEO Rodrigo Arboleda explains:

“There is constant debate over laptops versus tablets in educational programs. But the truth is both have their merits. While maintaining our XO’s award-winning design from Yves Behar’s FuseProject, we have combined features of both devices to deliver dual benefits. The new XO-4 Touch is more than just a device, it’s a new way of facilitating learning.”

Currently under development, it is scheduled to be released during 2013’s first quarter. Yet, its exact launch date and pricing remain to be confirmed, and it will be interesting to see how it compares to its predecessor, the $185 XO 3.0, but also  to its ‘competitors,’ such as Raspberry Pi’s $35 machine.

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Published August 15, 2012 — 13:29 UTC

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