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Say hi to Mom on the big screen with Logitech’s new HD Skype camera for TVs

TV Cam HD_ENVIRO2-small

If you’ve ever been on Skype with the family and thought their faces were too small, Logitech’s got a new toy for you. The just-announced TV Cam HD comes with built-in Skype capability and connects to TVs via an HDMI input.

The Skype-certified camera works over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It comes bundled with a remote control so you can access the device.

Logitech vice president Joerg Toewes says “amazing connections” can happen when video calling moves to the “most popular and comfortable place in the house.” Indeed, Joerg, indeed.

The suggested retail price of the device is $199.99. It features a built-in ringer, wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens and four microphones.

When I first saw this announcement, something looked really familiar about it. Then it came to me: Kinect. Given that Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in May, I wouldn’t be surprised if future versions of the Kinect were integrated with Skype. The company is, after all, already planning deep integration in Windows Phone 8 and is rumored to be adding the service to the next version of its Xbox gaming console.

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Published August 3, 2012 — 08:54 UTC