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This exhibit will be showcasing photos taken with cell phones, and yours could be included

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Orange Studio a Florida based gallery is putting together a cell phone photography exhibit, and you could be among the photographers that will be showcased. All you have to do is submit a photo via the Depixtions website by February 17, and it could be included in an exhibit at the gallery on March 10.

With just five days left to go, cell phone photographers can still submit their photos as long as they adhere to the submission guidelines – the photo has to have been taken using your cell phone, has to be in a square format and you can only submit one photo for consideration.

With the popularity of apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, photos submitted can get a hit of filter magic from any cell phone app. Judging by the latest submissions displayed on the site, it’s obvious that most entrants are definitely going the Instagram route for their cell phone photos.

The photos will be available for sale and proceeds will be going towards the charity New Hope for Kids, a Florida-based charity which aims to help children facing life-threatening diseases.

The exhibition is yet another reminder of how smartphones equipped with decent cameras are changing the photography landscape as we know it. Apple and its community alone, with a lot of help from apps like Instagram, have had a significant effect on photography, while Polaroid has attempted to take a different tactic bringing Android to the camera-world instead of a camera to the smartphone world, with its Android-powered SC1630.

As much as purist photographers may decry the rise of cell phone photography, the numbers don’t lie. Orange Studio’s move to create a crowdsourced exhibition of photos taken using smartphones may simply be taking us in a much anticipated and expected direction in the world of iPhoneography and smartphone photography. And Orange Studio isn’t alone, with South African gallery artSPACE’s current show entitled Phoneography exhibiting photographs taken using cell phones.

Want tips on how to take incredible photos with your phone, before making your submission? Check out our guide here, and also be sure to check out this list of 30 must-have iPhone photography apps.


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Published February 12, 2012 — 13:18 UTC