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Logic3’s Ferrari headphones are a sexy bit of speed for your ears


I’ve never been a big fan of “branded” devices. More often than not, they’re overpriced and you’re paying a lot for a name without he quality to back up the price. But there are exceptions. Soul headphones, by Ludacris, were notable ones and the Ferrari branding has been another that seems to insist on quality before its brand gets involved. The Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari R200 noise-cancelling headphones are a prime example.

We’ll call these cans the R200 for short, because Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari R200 is approaching the ridiculous. But picking the name apart will show you the method behind the madness. Logic3 is an accessories company that makes some of the best stuff in the business. Lately, the company’s focus on high-end audio products has led it to a partnership with Ferrari. The R200 is one of a few products within the Scuderia branding; a line that crosses in-ear headphones and into hardcore desktop audio docks.

We didn’t get much time to play with the R200 while on the floor at CES, but we did get to give them a listen. They’re an active noise canceling pair of headphones, including a supremely-comfortable set of ear cups and a wide, cushioned headband. Honestly, they’re some of the most comfortable on-ear headphones I’ve ever worn, but that’s bearing in mind that I wasn’t able to test them for extended periods.

The only fault that I immediately found with the R200s is that they can’t operate in passive mode. That means that if you’re on a flight and you run out of battery life, you run out of headphones too. TNW’s Matthew Panzarino got the impression that this was the fault of the headphones being prototypes, but neither of us remember specifically if they said that they’d be able to once they’re in production. If not, it’s a high price to pay, but not uncommon among active noise canceling headsets on the market today.

The R200s are available now for pre-order, if you’re the gutsy sort. With a price tag of $249 they’re not the cheapest on the market, but they’re also far from the most expensive. We’ll do a complete review when we can land a pair into our hands for a few days, but for now just know that they’re sexy, they sound great and we’re looking forward to hearing more from the company.

Scuderia Ferrari R200

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Published February 10, 2012 — 22:54 UTC