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These are the most unbelievably retro iPhone cases you will ever see

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No matter what you think about Apple and its community of die-hard fans, it’s difficult to deny how iconic some of its more popular products have become over time. Products like the iMac and iPod have made an incredibly strong impression on our lives, and the simplistic-yet-beautiful aesthetic that surrounds them is one reason why they have become so memorable (many thanks to Sir Jony Ive).

As far as iPhone cases go, everybody’s seen the ones that look like a Polaroid or R2D2, but I have never seen a case that actually made my retro-loving-jaw drop with admiration like these cases by Schreer Delights, which were dug up by Core77.

From the creator:

If your new iPhone is too high-tech looking, try a case that transforms it into a reproduction of the 2001 iPhone that complemented the brightly colored iMacs. This case simulates the iMac speaker, stereo headphone plugs and power button over a translucent body shell.

For those who missed out on the very first iPhone back in 1989, here’s your chance to rock a retro look on your new iPhone! This case simulates the original’s trademark vent grooves, SCSI port, ADB printer and modem ports as well as a stereo mini plug for speakers.

The Retro iMac case catches my attention the most, but the Retro Macintosh and the original iPod case is also striking. Check out these and others via the link below!

➤  Schreer Delights

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Published February 7, 2012 — 23:48 UTC