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Samsung’s ‘Smart Window’ will turn your boring house into a geek mansion

Samsung smart window

Very rarely do I get excited about TV-related technology, probably because I don’t watch much TV. This beautiful creation from Samsung is an exception though.

This transparent screen will fit any window up to 46 inches at a resolution of 1366 x 768. The thing is completely see-through, but what you’re viewing on the screen is completely private from those outside. It’s fully controlled by your touch, and reminds us of a scene right out of Minority Report or Mission: Impossible.

Check out this quick demo, which shows a cool option to pull down blinds when you’re tired of looking outside:

There’s no word on when these will become available yet or how much they’ll cost, but the rumor is that they may go into production within the next month.

The Smart Window has installed widgets and will let you watch regular TV and movies on it, so it’s not just for show. Can you imagine putting one of these in every room of your house?

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Published January 12, 2012 — 23:51 UTC