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Artist #Talk from HP and ArjanWrites explore the personalities behind your favorite music [Sponsored]

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Ever heard a song and felt as though the artist wrote it for you?

To explore that question, HP partnered with Arjan Timmermans from Part tweet up, part cocktail party, part “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” Artist #Talk is an interview series hosted by Arjan where artists tell the stories behind their music.

Many factors impact how we form an emotional connection with a song. The lyrics and the story the song tells are a huge part of it, but lesser known are environmental factors like sound quality.

Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records and Beats Audio founder, said it best,“Music is emotion. If it sounds better, it will feel better.” That concept was the basis behind Beats Audio™, a technology HP developed with Jimmy Iovine and legendary artist Dr. Dre. Together they re-engineered the laptop to improve audio quality. (More on the Beats Audio story here.)

Beats Audio™ technology is now in many HP premium computers, from laptops like the HP ENVY 14 and the portable, but powerful Pavilion dm1 to the touch enabled HP TouchSmart. If you’re a music lover, or someone close to you is, check out the full Beats Audio™ portfolio at

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HP ENVY 14 HP Pavilion dm1 HP TouchSmart 610

And now back to the music. In the latest installment of Artist #Talk, UK artist VV Brown explains how her family, romances and exploration of different music genres influenced her new album.

Published October 31, 2011 — 14:56 UTC