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This new wood camera iPhone 4 case is green, durable, and gorgeous

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Retro-hip and aesthetically pleasing? We couldn’t ask for more with Photojojo’s new Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case. What better way to rock your appreciation for the analog past by disguising your high-tech smartphone with an earthy case that looks just like your favorite oldschool camera?

Designed by SigniCase in Hong Kong, Photojojo’s new real walnut-wood or bamboo shell boasts a laser-engraved exterior to keep your sturdy new iPhone 4 cover both looking fresh and staying smooth to the touch.

If the outer appearance isn’t enough to warrant a second look, check out the finer features of this iPhone 4 sheath:

  • Classic camera look for your iPhone 4 (Verizon and AT&T)
  • Sustainable; no endangered or tropical woods used
  • Durable, won’t scratch or chip
  • Inner felt pad absorbs shock
  • Weighs only 22g — less than a plastic case!

Unlike plastic, the natural (and non-endagered) materials used to create this case will return back to the earth over time (go Green!). In fact, the specific woods chosen for this shell are especially durable and meant to handle some of the roughest play your precious iPhone 4 might encounter. Even equipping this smartphone armor is as easy as sliding the two separate pieces onto your mobile device where they will connect into place.

Currently priced at $42USD for both Walnut and Bamboo versions, which case do you think you’ll be picking up, if at all?

See more pictures below:

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Published August 24, 2011 — 22:33 UTC