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Struggling with sales, non-Apple tablet makers reportedly slashing prices

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Having a tough time competing with the iPad and unable to move inventory, Apple’s contenders are expected to significantly reduce the prices of their tablets in the coming months, according to a report by DigiTimes.

Citing sources within the companies involved, the publication states that we can expect to see companies like Acer, Asus, HTC, Motorola, RIM, and Samsung follow the example of HP and start lowering their prices by the end of September. Even though the cheapest tablet among these makers is already priced at just a shade over $370, the average prices of these tablets is expected to fall to around $350 for the holiday quarter, with prices as low as $300 also being a possibility.

Sales of non-iPad tablets have been dismal so far, with Apple having sold to consumers over ten times the number of iPads than its three biggest competitors combined have shipped to retailers. The DigiTimes article says that Asus shipped 700,000 tablets between May and July, out of which only 500,000 units have been snapped up by consumers.

Given sales figures like these, it comes as no surprise that these tablet makers are looking at price as the one possible area where they could undercut Apple and score with holiday shoppers and gift-buyers looking to save some money. Whether the ensuing price war will have any effect on the dominance of the iPad—or if it will come out unscathed—however, remains to be seen.

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Published August 16, 2011 — 06:29 UTC