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Could this be the key to getting a workout at your desk?


I have precisely one complaint about my job — By its very nature, I tend to sit on my butt all day and not have any physical activity. For a person who’s prone to gaining weight by looking at food, this isn’t a good thing.

However, if you happen to have a few grand to invest in your health, a company called rightangle has invented the  LifeBalance Station which be the perfect answer. We’ve seen the benefits to a standing workstation, and we all know that elliptical machines are a great workout, so what if you combined the two?

LifeBalance has given us the best of both worlds by having a movable desk that can go from a standing workstation to a sitting one, but then also pairing that with what appears to be a rather comfy chair…that has an elliptical machine for the foot rests.

From the description, it seems that the machine simulates a walking motion, rather than a typical jogging or skiing one. Once you’re done with the machine, it seems that there is enough room to slide your work chair in right beside it. While I’m not completely sold on that idea (it seems that it would be a bit cramped, to me), I respect the thought that the machine could move out of the way.

The workstation will set you back some cash, but it might very well be worth it. Want a better look? Here’s the promo video:

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Published June 28, 2011 — 20:23 UTC