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BlackBerry PlayBook’s marketing just gets more embarrassing [Videos]


Poor RIM isn’t having a great time at the moment, and the reviews for its BlackBerry Playbook have hardly been glowing. Surely some good quality advertising could turn the tide though? Maybe, although this ‘viral’ from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse is unlikely to do it.

We’re not sure if they’re aiming the Playbook at children, but that’s the way it comes across – and surely very few children are going to be in the market for a RIM tablet. That said, RIM’s own advertising isn’t much better. The second video below, which you may well have seen on TV in some markets, not only bills Flash capability as the Playbook’s key feature, but accompanies it with Queen’s Flash Gordon soundtrack. Er, classy.

Published June 23, 2011 — 15:30 UTC