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Nokia unveils N9: the world’s first all screen phone, powered by Meego


Nokia just unveiled its newest smartphone, the Nokia N9, which it bills as the world’s first pure touch smartphone, powered by Meego.

Introduced by Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia’s SVP of design, during the Nokia Connection 2011 in Singapore, the N9 aims to cover the most important things people look for in a smartphone: a functional user interface, a unique industrial design, and a robust platform that allows for easy software development.

The N9 is equipped with a pure-glass interface with only touch as a control mechanism, and has revamped the home screen in light of the fact that making calls is no longer one of the most frequent uses of smartphones.

In terms of design, the Nokia N9 is housed in a unibody enclosure made of polycarbonate material and a 3.9 inch curved glass AMOLED display. It is free of physical buttons, which is a long way from the previously leaked qwerty-slider.

The phone also boasts a powerful 8mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a Webkit 2 web browser, the lastest Nokia Maps with free voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and like most recently released smartphones is NFC-enabled.

The Nokia N9 comes in three colours: black, cyan and magenta and with storage capacities of 16GB and 64GB on the two variants to be made available.

It will be released “later this year,” although pricing and availability have yet to be revealed.

You can check out the Nokia N9 for yourself with interactive videos that show how the product works at

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Published June 21, 2011 — 03:37 UTC