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Alarm Dock gives your iPhone a gorgeous analog makeover


Docks for the iPad and iPhone are notoriously poor looking. Even the ones that are truly good looking, like the iDapt i4 are still made of plastic and metal. The Alarm Dock from designer Jonas Damon uses wood to convert your iPhone into an alarm clock with retro styling.

The dock doesn’t have any electronics in it, instead, when coupled with your iPhone it just takes on the appearance of one of those old ‘flip clock’ style alarm clocks from GE. This is almost irresistible for an analog lover like me. I still remember watching my grandfather’s flip clock, which was almost this exact shape, ticking over the hours in that flipping motion.

I would really like it if it had a channel that piped the audio out through the speaker grille up top but even the ‘just for looks’ detailing is pretty great. You can pre-order one of the beechwood docks from Areaware for $35, they’re scheduled to ship later this year.

Damon has also created a beautiful CRT iPad dock prototype that makes it look like a tiny traditional TV if you’re longing for the days of vacuum tubes and speaker grilles.

You can check out more of Jonas Damon’s creations at his blog here.

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Published May 8, 2011 — 16:41 UTC