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Turn your iPad 2 into a Transformer with this LTD Tools case


Sure all the case does is open and close, but the looks of it are so very Bumblebee. LTD Tools makes this iPad 2 case out of powder coated aluminum. It features a folding front cover that can also act as a stand and comes in several colors.

The only one photographed on the site is this yellow and gray version, although it is offered in charcoal, light gray and blue as well. The case will set you back $140 from LTD’s site.

The case lid has a small and large flange that pops out. The large flange will hold it up vertically or horizontally and the small flange flips out to prop it up for typing.

Inside, the case is padded in silicon and felt to protect your iPad’s finish. The small slot on the back allows for a business card to act as a sound reflector to project the sound forward. You can also hang the case on the wall, if the other methods of displaying your iPad weren’t enough.

I actually own one of LTD’s iPhone 4 cases and while it is very industrial and probably only fits a particular set of tastes, I happen to like it quite a bit.

You can check out more of the designs and order the iPad 2 cases on the LTD Tools site.

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Published April 29, 2011 — 23:13 UTC