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Find your smartphone with your keys using the Cobra Tag


Lose your keys? Find them with your smartphone. It seems like a simple and logical enough idea that you wonder why it’s never been done before.

The Cobra Tag that we found over at Uncrate definitely gave us of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments. It’s a small dongle that connects to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry by Bluetooth. Then you can attach it to your keys, dog, TV remote or any other object you need to keep track of.

Then, when the object leaves Bluetooth range, you can set it to send you an email or text message with exact GPS coordinates.

There’s another use for the PhoneTag though and that’s what really excites us. Instead of finding your items with the PhoneTag, you can also use it to ring your smartphone. That means no more frantic searches through a house with no land-line for your phone. Just grab your keys and punch the button on the PhoneTag. Ring ring!

I’m sure there’s other uses that you could think up for a Bluetooth location-enabled dongle for your smartphone, let us know what you think in the comments.

The Cobra Tag runs $60 from

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Published April 26, 2011 — 14:28 UTC