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Grove Made’s Bamboo Case for iPad 2 is Delicious


I’m a huge fan of Grove Made’s cases for iPhone. They’re hand crafted out of bamboo and feel great in the hand and in day-to-day use. In addition, they’re simply delicious looking. It’s new iPad 2 case is no exception.

In addition to the beautifully finished bamboo shell, the new iPad 2 case is equipped with a segmented leather cover that emulates the form and function of the Apple Smart Cover. It even has embedded magnets that duplicate the auto power-on function of Apple’s cover.

Grove iPad 2 Case from Joe Mansfield on Vimeo.

It actually one-ups the Apple case by folding back leather-out to protect the ultrasuede inside when it acts as a stand. This is something that I wish that Apple had thought of as I’m constantly worried about how dirty the cloth interior of my Smart Cover is getting.

I’ve actually seen some iPads start to show wear where the Smart Cover’s hinge makes contact with the body, which is why it’s nice to see that the attachment point of the Grove cover is soft and not metal-on-metal.

Grove also offers custom engraving on the leather covers and all of it’s products are custom made in Portland Oregon. You can order one now on Grove’s site with a plain cover for $99, a custom engraved cover for $139 or one of their designs for $129.

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Published April 22, 2011 — 16:39 UTC