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iHub Looks Fantastic, Infringes Apple Copyright


Well I don’t know how long this one will stay available but as M.I.C gadget is based in China, you may be able to get one for a while. The iHub is a USB hub that is designed to look like it was made for your Apple laptop or desktop.

In fact it’s extremely reminiscent of the plastic Macbook. The iHub is an un-powered USB hub with a light up Apple logo, just like the back of your laptop. It’s made of white plastic wtih an inset apple logo and comes in white or black. Since it’s unpowered it will not charge your iPad properly but it should work fine for other devices like iPhones or iPods.

The real kicker is the packaging. If you’ve ever purchased an iPod shuffle from Apple then you’ll be familiar with this look. It’s a near identical copy of the official Apple casing.

The hub is available now at the M.I.C. store for $9.90, who knows how long this one will be available.

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Published April 18, 2011 — 16:34 UTC