A cool handsfree iPad setup expands its uses in any direction


Hanfree (think handsfree) is a Kickstarter project started by Seth Quest to create a handsfree gadget that secures your iPad on a bendable arm, enabling the iPad to “float” a few feet off the ground.

Hanfree has a flexible stainless steel pipe that fits into an acrylic base and connects to the iPad via a transparent case. The way it attaches to the iPad is pretty great because the integrated ball and socket joint connection brings 360 degree rotation– no matter where you decide to use it.

handsfree iPad

This Handsfree gadget eliminates the need to find a flat surface to prop up the iPad using a kickstand case. As it’s depicted in the images below, this stand can be set on the floor, counter tops or the base can be positioned under the pillows while you’re in bed. The white base is also sturdy enough to throw it on the couch.

So far Quest has gained 10 backers that have pledged a total of $685 towards his goal of $15,000. When the product launches, it will be priced at $79.95, but for Kickstarter backers, Quest is offering pre-orders for $50 not including shipping and states that it will be available for both the iPad and iPad2.

The design of this handsfree stand is unique and it appears as though it would be a must-have stand for consuming media in bed. Please share your thoughts on the design. Is it worth $80 bucks?

handsfree iPad

Published March 15, 2011 — 18:44 UTC