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Eco-friendly iPad Case with Keyboard made from Coconut trees


A new concept design by Cho Youg-jo and Jeoung Jun-tae called ECONUT sports a fold out case with a physical keyboard for the iPad.

The ECONUT case appears to be ideal for writing and offers an alternative to the iPad keyboard. As we’d mentioned earlier this week, the iPad is great for typing out short messages and tweets but firing off a long email or posting an article is not an easy task using the tablet’s keyboard. Displayed in the video below, the iPad fits inside the middle flap of the case and is protected by two additional sides that fold around the iPad. And, it also gives users the ability to prop the device up while watching media in landscape mode.

By far the coolest thing about this concept design is the material. It’s made of materials from a coconut tree making it environmentally safe and it’s biodegradable. Nice! “Blends back into nature after serving its purpose to the iPad.”

Why should you care about eco-friendly iPad cases ? Because the impact of plastic on the environment is devastating and it degrades slowly in landfills meaning that plastic accessory you threw out last year could still be with us for decades.

One of the most ubiquitous and long-lasting recent changes to the surface of our planet is the accumulation and fragmentation of plastics,” David Barnes, lead author and researcher.

Although it’s not yet available, the designers showcase the design in various flavours; yellow, white, green, red and black. Overall, it might not be as sleek as the Adonit keyboard-case however it is a major win for eco-friendly users.


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Published January 27, 2011 — 20:55 UTC