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Keys unlock doors… but built in handle-locks are smart too.


Have you ever forgotten your keys and felt like the world was about to end? (Or that you were about to drop $200 on a locksmith?)

This simple, built-in mechanical solution called “Dial-a Door,” was designed by Jess Han to give homeowners another option for opening doors. Simply spin the dials to four chosen numbers, then push down the handle and open the door. The tumblers automatically re-jumble to prevent another person from simply re-opening the door later on. If it becomes too dark to see the numbers, a backlight illuminates the white digits.

I wouldn’t trust this system on my apartment door, but it’s a great alternative to a physical key lock for storage closets or individual bedrooms. This could also work well with hotels, hostels or B&Bs. Aside from keys, the other option, keypad-based entry systems require power, while dial-a-door does not. (Bonus.)

Remember back in November when two Brooklynites used Foursquare check-ins to unlock their doors? Dial-a-Door is cool, but that was super rad.

via @Nick McGlynn

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Published January 24, 2011 — 15:27 UTC