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CES 2011: Polaroid’s GL30 Instant Digital Camera

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Digital Retro? This camera pretty much captures it. This year at CES, Polaroid teamed up with none other than Lady Gaga to unveil its new GL30 Instant Camera. I’ve never heard point and shoot photography sound so confusing as I did when listening to Lady Gaga demo the camera. Fortunately the simplicity and beauty of the camera speaks for itself. The boxy, tapered shape of the digital incarnation shares a similar aesthetic to the much-loved Polaroid cameras from the 80s.

The digital camera has an adjustable display and of course, being a classic Polaroid, it even prints 3×4 inch photos. You can even add in the white border around images. While it’s certainly a step in the right direction for Polaroid (maybe not the Lady Gaga part), I’d still like to see them revive Polaroid film sometime in the not too distant future (pretty please!)

via @Gizmodo

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Published January 9, 2011 — 00:37 UTC