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Video: iHealth blood pressure monitoring and data syncing for iPad and iPhone


If there’s one thing that might help alleviate the US healthcare issue, It could be technology like the iHealth– A home blood pressure monitoring and data syncing system for iPad , iPhone and iPod touch, debuting at CES this week.

Although iHealth is currently aiming for the upper end of the market — retailing at $99.95 — for the health conscious it could be a great health monitoring system. Taking not only blood pressure, but general fitness, calorie consumption and daily tabs on other bodily needs, the iHealth aims to be a complete health monitoring system.

This would largely result in sickness prevention, fewer trips to the doctor and less demands on doctors and the health care system in general. It will be available in the next several weeks from Apple retail stores in the US. What do you think? Answer to healthcare reform or idealistic gadget?

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Published January 8, 2011 — 01:06 UTC

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