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HD 1080p MX Goggles: 007 Bond Gear


Liquid Image helps you to re-live the rush of your extreme sports adventures with the use of MX goggles that record point-of-view video in high definition, capable of shooting in 1080p.

The MX goggles unveiled this week at CES 2011, were designed for the hardcore thrill-seekers that enjoy hazardous activities like downhill biking, motocross and ATV. These goggles provide a sweet alternative to strapping a cam on your helmet, an endeavor that will likely not end well.

Topping the previous Liquid Image Impact Series goggles, these new MX goggles sport a 136 degree (full field view) wide angle lens, so riders are able to capture everything within their line of sight. There are various modes to capture action including ; 12 megapixel interpolated camera mode (still photos) and two video modes that record HD video in 1080p (30 frames per second) and  720p (60 frames per second). Overall the camera specs are pretty exciting when you consider the $400 price tag.

The footage is stored on a micro SD/SDHC card (up to 32 GB) and it comes with a 4GB card within the box. Video isn’t the only thing you can do with these MX goggles, taking still images and protecting your eyes from debris are two more reasons to treat yourself to this 007 bond-like gear. Users additionally have an option to import footage and images directly into the desktop PC using the high-speed cable that ships with the product.

The only drawback with these goggles is within the battery life. It’s powered by a lithium battery that will give users only an hour and a half of juice which might be rather challenging during an outdoor Motocross session.

The MX goggles are slated to ship Oct 2011 and as we’d mentioned, they will retail for $400. What do you think, are these wearable cameras worth the price tag? I’m admittedly more of a gadget geek than a sports fan but the idea of embedding wearable cameras is intriguing to me. The idea is so compelling to me that I’d actually consider trying ATV if I had the ability to watch the P.O.V footage later in high-definition.

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Published January 8, 2011 — 03:57 UTC