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Samsung’s social media savvy baby monitors


At CES this year, we’ve seen Lady Gaga try to work a Polaroid camera, 3D glasses from Calvin Klein, a wirelessly powered electric car, every kind of bedazzled iPhone case you can imagine and one of the coolest telescopes ever made.  But Samsung‘s social media savvy baby monitors are one of the cutest, most lovable products around. Bridging the gap between heartwarming and new technology, the baby monitors do everything a normal baby monitor can do, providing reliable video surveillance for parents.

But for the first time in baby monitor history, with Samsung BabyVIEW monitors, parents can share audio and video of their baby or infant with friends and family instantly on Facebook and Twitter using the device’s built-in SD card that allows video captured from the monitor to be easily uploaded.

So now all those giggly, googly, awww moments can be instantly broadcasted across the Internets. It’s an adorable product, but I thank the technology gods that my parents didn’t own one of these when I was in diapers.

The monitors will be available in Spring 2011 with prices ranging from $199 – $299.

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Published January 7, 2011 — 19:49 UTC